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Workshop on Protocol Governance: Internet Standard Bodies and Public Interest questions. Organizer. March 2018.

Talk about Internet Infrastructure and the public interest. Speaker. Said Business School, Oxford. February 2018.


Panel on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and the Law: What Challenges? What Opportunities. Moderator and convener. January 18, 2018. (starts at 23.57 min)

Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and the Law: What Challenges? What Opportunities. Organizer. January 18 & 19 2018. Live stream here:


Training on Internet governance for media developers. Internet Governance Forum Geneva. December 2017.

Talk at City University of London seminar on ‘Civil Society & Democracy in the Economic Arena’ entitled ‘Internet architecture: the next frontier for civil society?’, December 2017.

Facilitator of Round Table on AI and Ethics at the Association for Internet Researchers (AoIR), October 2017

Workshop facilitator at Citizen Lab Summer Institute. July 2017.

Speaker at Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute.  July 2017.

Webinar Media Development and Internet Governance. May 2017.

Speaker at the 3rd Annual CDT Cyber Security Center’s Student Conference. “The role of Civil Society in the CryptoWars”. May 2017.

Rightscon Brussels 2017. Moderated Panel Bits of Freedom on Government Hacking. March 2017.

Presentation of Guidebook on Internet Governance for Media Developers. March 2017. Washington DC.

From Chromosomes to KA-POW”, a special event organized by the Knowledge Quarter to celebrate and explore ideas of gender across science and the arts. March 2017.


IGF Mexico December 2016:
Panel on “The power of non-commercial Internet users on the Internet”.

Panel on “The Network of Networked Things: Finding the Internet in IOT.

Irights training for the IGF Academy fellows of 2016 on Internet Governance.

IEEE Artificial Intelligence and Ethics Symposium, November 2016. Panel: Programming Human Ethics: Cui Bono?

IETF 96, November 2016. HRPC research group presentation on the question: are protocols politics?

NL IGF, September 2016. Panel on Human Rights & Internet Infrastructure.

Computers, Privacy, Data Protection Conference (CPDP). Panel on Internet  Architecture and Human rights. Speaker. February 2016.


IETF 94, November 2015. Presentation case study of coding rights.

RIPE 70, 20165. Presentation: Towards human rights preserving technological standards.

Articles & Blogs


Cath, C. Zevenbergen, B. and Van Veen, C. 2018. Coding Human Rights Law: Citizen Lab Summer Institute 2017 workshop report.


Cath 2017. Should Technical Actors Play a Political Role in the Internet Age? Blog for the Council on Foreign Relations.

Cath, 2017. The latest report by UN Special Rapporteur for the right to Freedom of Expression is a landmark document. Blog for Oxford Internet Institute Policy Blog.

Cath, Ten Oever, & O’Maley. March, 2017. Media Development in the Digital Age: Five Ways to Engage in Internet Governance. Guidebook for the Media Development Community.

Cath & O’Maley 2017. Status Code 451: An Internet Governance Standard to Expose Censorship. Blog for Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA).

Interview On Data science, gender and equality by the Alan Turing Institute 2017.

Cath, 2017. Media Development in the Digital Age. Blog for NGO ARTICLE 19.


Cath, 2016. Co-Chair of IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in the Design of Autonomous Systems’ Committee on Methodologies to Guide Ethical Research and Design. Report & Request for input on Ethically Aligned Design.

Ten Oever & Cath. 2016. Human Rights Protocol Considerations. Internet Draft at Internet Research Task Force (IRTF).

Ten Oever & Cath. 2016.  The role of Corporate Actors in Violating Human Rights through new Chinese Domain Name Rules. Statement for NGO ARTICLE 19

Cath, 2016.  “Internet Infrastructure and Human Rights”. Op -Ed for Global Digital Foundation.

Cath,  2016. Our 5G future: Light at the end of the tunnel or Internet fast-lane for the elite? Blog for human rights NGO ARTICLE 19.

Cath,  2015.  “Cyber security of the State.” Rough Consensus Oxford Internet Institute Blog.


Interview by Brian Wesolowski of the Center for Democracy and Technology’s (CDT) “Tech Talk” Podcast with Corinne Cath et al. about Internet Governance and Media Development guide (Interview starts at 20 minutes). March 2017.

Podcast Interview by Corinne Cath with Professor Lawrence Lessig.  On Code, AI and Public Service in troubled times.  (Introduction by Eve Ahearn and Ellie Marshall, Interview starts at 24 minutes). December 2016.

Work is mentioned in:

2017 Report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on ways to bridge the gender digital divide from a human rights perspective.

2017 Report of the Special Rapporteur on the protection and promotion of the right to freedom of opinion and expression.